PreForm 1.4 & firmware update

I can no longer drag STLs and drop them in, I have to go through the whole open file… process. Is that just me?

I was terrified of doing the firmware update but I did, my Form 1 is like 5 times louder now, I don’t know what the heck is up with that?!

And I have to redo every old file, the models are there but the settings are wiped.

I think I like the outline selected part feature.

The 1.4 update makes my display show text backwards and upside down, and the printer fails to downgrade to 1.3e.  It’s also way louder.

James, I have the same problem with my display.

@formlabs Looks fine at startup, then flips when starting a print.

— Ryan O'Hara (@ohararp) May 1, 2014

Seems like there is a new combo for tiltiing the tray and raising the platform.  I am not sure if this is faster or not (I think it is), but it is definitely louder.

I had no problems dragging .stl’s onto PreForm after the upgrade to 1.4 and firmware to 1.3e.

I *DID* however, have a major freak out the first time the Form1 didn’t go into DFU mode, and then seemingly wouldn’t respond to my button presses … at which I unplugged and replugged the machine. I think my Form got stuck in some bad mode during the firmware update. Luckily it was recoverable. I followed all the instructions, but perhaps I did miss something during the process. I’m pretty good at reflashing devices from years of experience, so it was not a noob type scenario. Pretty sure something flakey happened mid flash.

Haven’t tried loading older files yet.

I have not noticed any increase in noise when operating, but I am around a lot of decibels from tools, so I probably wouldn’t have noticed anyways.

I did not notice upside down text after my upgrade … however, I have previously encountered that bug on an older bot. It was a one time occurrence for me.


It’s definitely louder, I’ve had company come over and said it’s louder also, I’d really like to know what changed?!

Is it all just going faster? It seems like it but idk…

I fortunately didn’t have the text issue.

After closing and re-opening I can now drag n drop STLs again :slight_smile:

Yes, decibels around me dropped … the bot appears to chattering more on the peel process … perhaps Form should make a new audio recording and document this? It does sound a bit weird if you’re so used to the tranquility of the Form1 printing process. Not bad, just operating differently to me. Perhaps they’ve adjusted the stepping interval?



the issue with the display showing text backwards has been fixed. Please download PreForm 1.4 again, we uploaded a newer version. Then, manually upgrade the firmware again.

Switching into bootloader mode has always been a bit flaky on windows. The printer going black and not responding is actually the correct behaviour, and you can select “update firmware” again or restart PreForm to continue the upgrade process. To exit bootloader mode, powercycle your printer. In case you want to manually switch into bootloader mode, keep the button held down while powering up your printer.

If you experience any other issues, please contact customer support.

Regards, manuel

Manuel, I may have missed it, but usually with the release of new software there is a reference to the changes/bug fixes that were made in addition to the features that were added.  Is there a link to the location of this data?  I ask, because in the new firmware it appears that there were changes made to the “peel” process (tray tilt, and platform lifting) that make the machine run faster, but also more noisy.  This was hard to discern whether this was a feature improvement (faster process) or possibly an issue that may have arisen.

Learned ones, I have similar issues with the firmware update. Opened up Preform 1.4 (no issues during install), opened a model, supports generated, no red warnings, goo to go. Plugged into Form1 and instantly was notified of the firmware update. I accepted, it started and within 2 seconds the Form1 went dead and I received a “Could not run DFU” (something like that). SO, I am a noob here. Do I powercycle the Form1 while holding the button to enter its bootloader mode? Not connected to any computer? Then what? I definitely to NOT want to screw up firmware…thank for any help here!

Hi John,

try opening PreForm again, and selecting Update Firmware in the help menu (or PreForm menu in Mac). It should normally run fine on the second try. If you want to switch your printer out of DFU mode, please powercycle the printer.

If you have any more questions or issues, please contact customer support which are happy to help.

Make sure you have the latest download from the website.

Regards, Manuel

Hi Manuel,

Did contact support, you were faster! Just to be clear, powercycle WITHOUT holding the Form1’s button down, correct? Simply turn off the Form1, wait 10-20 seconds, and turn on again, correct?


Yes this is correct. Powercycle without holding the button: go back into normal mode. Powercycle while holding the button: enter bootloader mode.

perfect! works fine, no display issues either. thanks!

As a side note, if you are running a longer print and have the display issue, there is no need to abort the print. It doesn’t affect the print process.

After updating to the 1.4 firmware,  the tilt stepper sounds VERY notchy.  This is MUCH louder than usual and was actually quite concerning until i watched it closely.

In future updates can you please indicate that if noise has been increased this is normal,  obviously this would have been noticed under factory testing of the updated firmware.

Yeah I don’t understand the lack of a statement about this, like Mathew said it would obviously been noticed by Formlabs the same as it has been by us.

It’s an obvious cause of concern when your once silent printer can now be heard from outside!

And like Ryan said list of update changes/fixes etc…

Glad I didn’t rush into upgrading. The last thing I need is a louder Form1. Will wait for further info regarding why it’s louder than before. Faster peeling may equal faster printing, but not better quality.

Hi folks,

After upgrading firmware successfully I’m printing an 18+ hour job. It is SLIGHTLY louder. My epson paper printer is louder…gimme a break. The tech we take for granted in the Form and Preform is astounding. A tiny little noise increase? Yeah, that’s OK with me.


Then I suggest you get a Canon printer instead. It’s super quiet and the heads don’t clog up if you don’t use the printer for a while.

If there is a noise increase with the Form1 after the new software/firmware, we just NEED to know why.


Roger that. I guess I have just learned to put too much trust in the Form dev team. I kinda think they know more than most…:wink:

Back to work…