Upgraded to 1.4 - Weird Chattering Sound During Peel

I just upgraded my software to 1.4 and then updated the firmware on the Form1. Now, there’s a somewhat unnerving sound that happens during the peel process. Is this normal? I’m printing about 8 large mens rings on the .25 setting using the grey resin.

I’ve noticed that the “chattering” sound is speeding up as the build progresses. The machine appears to be working fine otherwise - I’m just not sure if this is normal behaviour or part of the software/firmware upgrade.

Anyone else experienced this?


I’m getting this as well. It freaked me out a bit. But everything seems to be working fine and the latest print came out perfect.

Ha! Thanks for the quick reply Jonathan, I was hoping it was the new normal.

I was only about an hour into a 10 hour print when it started so I started looking for the panic button.

Sadly, I just realized how annoying this new sound is. There’s no way I can keep this thing on my desk if it’s going to be that loud - it sounds like a dot matrix printer…

Oddly enough I think mine has stopped doing it now… I’ll keep listening for it.

Would anybody with the new firmware be willing to upload a video clip of the new sound that the printer is making?  I haven’t yet updated to the latest version, and I am a little worried that the printer will be too loud if I update.  I like to run the printer on my desk right next to where I work, and I also have it printing at night most of the time.

Sorry guys, I didn’t see the video attachment to the original post!

Hello everyone, we just addressed the peel noise in another thread as well:

Here: https://support.formlabs.com/entries/58852416


As you’ve noticed, with the last update, we’ve made some changes to the peel cycle that is resulting in a noticeably new noise pattern.

What’s going on? We’ve modified the peel process to improve print reliability and surface finish. The sounds your hearing come from the motion of the build platform, which is moving slightly during the peel cycle. With PreForm 1.4, you may see some improvement in the quality of your prints.

We’ve updated the blog post to reflect these changes – as well as added some details in a changelog.  Apologies for not being clearer up-front – we’re excited about this change! The sound may vary somewhat from machine to machine, but if it proves to be a substantial issue, we may be able to look for solutions.