Form 1 strange peeling sound since latest firmware upgrade


I got my Form 1 since a few weeks now, everything was mostly fine until today.
It now (after the latest firmware update) makes a really weird sound it didn’t make before during the peeling operation, to me it sounds and looks like when the tank moves, it’s stuck to the build platform by the part being printed and pulls it down with it (I can see the platform move with the tank), forcing on the motor somehow. I may be wrong but it didn’t make that sound before and it doesn’t sound right at all ! Made a quick video :

Any thoughts on that ? Thanks in advance !

Check out the firmware release notes here:

What you’re seeing/hearing is actually a peel cycle optimization. Expect to get better looking parts!

Hey Laurent,

Have no fear! This behavior is totally normal. We introduced this feature in Preform 1.4 to help improve print reliability and surface finish.


Hello, thank you very much for answering, I feel indeed better knowing I’m not burning a motor or something ! Makes the printer less quiet thought, but if it prints better that way, ok then !

The problem inside the printer. You can resolve simple. Just remove the left closed part of the machine. Than you see the part what remove the resin up and down. There is a wire about 2 to 3mm section. It is worn by two materials that dig-together. With a file, you can make this plane. The sound is gone.

How ever. It’s the first Form1. This chould be remake in a later version i think. Just some desing starting up problems. But the printer is great to use.