Form 2 R2D2 sounds when printing Flexible, nothing prints

Printing in clear works great. I just purchased flexible for the first time. When I print using flexible the printer makes garbled computer sounds similar to R2D2. The printer goes through the motions but nothing results, such as raise and lower during layers. The motors sound strange during various phases of the print.

I’ve rolled back the firmware to 1.15.4, but same issue.

I had this issue with flexible too and found some troubleshooting tips in a different thread. I decreased the z-height setting by 0.2 mm increments and more of my parts would form every time. I believe -0.8 mm was what ended up working best for me. The other thread mentioned to try those increments all the way up to -1.0 mm. Not sure what would happen if you go further. If you try this I would be interested to know if it works! I’m wondering if this was just a “band-aid” fix for us or if there is something else wrong with our motor.

I would also check your resin tank for debris before starting this, and carefully remove anything cured to the bottom of the resin tank from the last prints that were attempted.

Thank you. I spoke with Formlabs. The latest firmware causes this weird sound, they are trying to fix it. Yes, I did a negative Z of .4mm and it printed. This is the fix so far. Formlabs should push out an email telling others about this issue.

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