Please check about print failure

please i want solving for my print.
first time completed print.
and next time i can not completed print till now.
would you like let me know how about failure resion and try for completed.
device: form2

  1. Symptoms
  • when i print model, support and base plate is looks okay but can not make model…
    i was try to first time completed same model also fail…
    attached picture
  1. tryed (same failure meaning is base pleted and support looks to be okay but model fail)
  • clean the resin tank : same failure
  • filtered for resin used fine filter : same failure
  • touch point size change 0.4 to 1mm : same failure
  • angle changed model and support pics : same failure

every time failure!!! ㅠㅠ

help me please…

hard to say without seeing the digital model- but generally speaking, if the machine is printing the raft and support structure as modeled- but NOT the model_ then that is almost always the fault of the model not being a qualified solid, or having corrupt geometry.
What format is the model in?

Have you tried exporting the model from the software you modeled it in to STL format before importing into Preform?

thank you for your answer.
yes i was modeling on solidworks and change to .STL and i imported at preform. and i was checked printability no problem. also, it is completed model at first time printed.

You need to contact Formlabs support and get a support ticket open.

If there is some kind of problem other than the model geometry- they will be more likely to sleuth it out.

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