Formlabs 1 half finished print - Millennium Falcon - failed print

Hello, I hav a formlabs 1 printer, and I’m trying to print a Millennium Falcon model.
(Model can be seen in picture one and two - download link below ) (scaled to about 7cm).
I don’t have pictures of the file in the Form Labs program but I angled it with the magic tool and had supports, I also added some so there were no red areas anymore.

Conditions, cautions and possible mistakes :
I let every attempt run for way longer then the displayed time sometimes over night and sometimes during the day, and I didn’t interfere with the Pc that was connected thought the process and I didn’t touch the printer. And I checked that there was always enough resin in the tank. And I obviously cleaned the build platform between the tests, using alcohol and wipes to remove any resin. ( I am very sure that there were no power outages )
And the printer / Pc never printed any errors.

First Attempt:

As you can see in the pictures the result doesn’t look very good.
First attempt I used a brand new Tank and freshly refilled it with clear resin ( don’t remember the resin version ) ( result can be seen in picture 3) - only the supports were printed.

Second Attempt:

The next attempt that can be seen in Picture 4 - 5 -6 during the second attempt i newly refilled the tank with green V3 Resin. The result was better then the first, and the Part of the model that was printed is fairly detailed as you would expect looking at the model, but then the printing seemed to have stopped. ( Supports weren’t bent wen I took it out that must have happened afterward,

Third Attempt

The third attempt Pictures 7-8-9 with the same conditions as the second attempt can be seen in the last picture. I can clearly be seen that the printer continued printing the layers of the supports, but didn’t really print the model.
( During the last attempt the printer was stopped as I discovered this. )

Printer Pictures:


Finally some pictures of the printer - looks all good to me but maybe you spot something

Thanks so much for your help. :slight_smile:

Google Drive Model download - .stl

I downloaded your model, and while I don’t see anything wrong with it, Netfabb did find something wrong (not quite sure what), but I did a repair, and it came back as “fixed”.

I imported into PreForm, and scaled it down to 50% (94mm tall, then manually angled it -20° on the “X” axis and +20° on the “Y” axis.

I went through it layer by layer, and found that in theory, it doesn’t need any supports other than the bottom. The only places of concern are some of the really small features like the cockpit, the landing gear and the laser cannons. I auto generated the supports, the manually removed and added a few. Here is how it looks once the supports were edited.

The only other possible concern is the relatively large cross-section. While the printer should be able to print this solid, you could hollow out the model to reduce the cross section. You can use Meshmixer for this. The image below shows the difference between a solid and a hollowed out version

Anyway, I will try to print this later today, and post a photo of the result.

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