Platform stuck

Hi, I have a formlab+1, send a print going last night now problems, also did a print earlier in the day which worked fine, but last nights print went wrong, the platfrom is now stuck in the resin tray, so cancelled reprint, keep in mind it has been going for 8hours machine has treeid to preform a slow peel but platform is set to tray and cannot move but makes horrid noise, help as I have urgent deadlines for Sunday when my clients are coming to town to view prefommoulds

I’ll beat the Formlabs employees to the punch. I would encourage you to contact FL by submitting a ticket at Honestly they are very good and have helped me out a number of times!


Thanks for that have contacted them, managaed to get it out by letting it start slow peel when tray was even unplugged machine, undid platform and pulled whole lot out, no way it was every going to peel had to muscle it apart that black resin holds incredible well…!! Especially when you don’t want it to, to the point it pulled the some of the coating off the tray then hammer and chisel to remove base from platform

What version of Preform? Assuming you are on the latest, did you have successful prints before upgrading to the latest.
Can you post up pics of the raft/model you are trying to print.