Piece breaks during printing

Since last week, when I print, the piece breaks during printing and fall in the resin tank.
The supports stay on the build platform but the rest fall in the resin tank…
I have test with white resin and black resin, and with the both I have the same problem !

What can be the problem?

Thank you

Hi @gaelp! What are you trying to print? I’m assuming it may be too heavy and is snapping off. Is the print hollow on the inside? How are your orientating the print? I would recommend changing the orientation and making the supports thicker.

Hi !

I have already print this piece 3 times and that was perfect !
The only thing I’ve changed is the black resin, before I used the V2 and now the V3.
Much granulate is deposited on the structure and in the edge of the resin tank

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Cool, glad it worked out! :grinning:

Yes, the V3 is much more brittle than the V2 was, pretty much every part I have tried to print with the V3 has cracked. The V2 resin “just worked”, but I’ve had nothing but problems with the V3

Hi @gaelp - just so you’re aware, the default touch point size is .7mm in Black V3, an increase over .6mm in Black V2. If you’ve used the same .form to reupload without changing the support tips, this might be causing the part to detach from the build platform. You should try resupporting with the increased touch point size or perhaps increasing it to .8 if it’s already at .7mm. You could also try adding extra supports in areas that aren’t densely supported to increase the force that would be required to detach the part during print.

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Thank you all for your answer !

And nobody know why there is a Granular structure ?
A lot of small piece stick against the workpiece…

If you’re noticing artifacts on the outside of your prints, you might try filtering the tank. In some cases, rogue bits of cured resin from failed prints will stick around in the tank and adhere to the outside of your parts.

I’m having the same problem with the v3 resin. Pieces that used to print fine,
now crack and large chunks break off. I’ll try upping the thickness to 0.1, but
and see how that works , buit at the same time I’m tempted to go back to
grey v2 resin. We’ve also had to do the same for castable resing and go
back from v3 to v2.

All in all pretty annoying having to recalibrate your way of working every
time a resin is replaced by a new one. Next time I’ll just wait before

Can you get in touch with our support team so that we can look into this for you? When we re-formulate materials, our goal is always to improve reliability and print outcomes. Our team will help to investigate printing issues you’re having with new materials and this will also help us to iterate on material files to improve outcomes for all users.

What was the improvement from black V2 to V3? people seem to be finding it of lower mechanical qualities.

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