Peel sequence different for black?

I’ve noticed that printing on the black setting produces a different series of sounds than other settings during a print…

Namely, where other settings don’t do the “click” when the stepper bottoms out at the horizontal vat position the black setting does. And where other settings do a single “click” (typically while printing the base, where peel vs. Z motion is different), black setting does multiple “clicks”.

Any ideas on what the difference is?
What do the vat travel limits have to do with resin settings?
Why does black stall the peel stepper for longer?


Good eye…or ear.

There is a minor difference in the resin setting that produces the noise different that you hear. From a functional perspective, the difference is negligible and has no impact on the print.

Ah, i’m not worried about the impact, i was just curious as to what the difference is :slight_smile:

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