Peel motor Form1+

I’m pretty certain my peel motor is now at fault for my printer not working.

I’ve been back and forth with support on a ticket, been sent a new big mirror and fitted that, didn’t help. Sent instructions on how to clean the galvos and small mirror, didn’t help. They mentioned the peel motor in their last support help email, and when I watched it printing it the tank didn’t seem to move at all.

So, I removed the peel motor, cleaned it, and reset it back into it’s little grub under the tank. It seemed to move down and up fully once, then that was it, static.

As an FYI when I was twisting the screw thread when I had it out to clean, this didn’t seem to move the thread up and down through the white bearing, not sure this is correct. These forums also suggest that the little grub screw under the resin tank needs to be super tight? Is this correct?

I’m posting here as the support ticket now seems to have gone quiet, and as I told them, I have GDC coming up and beed to start in prints for that.

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