Parts printing larger than designed

Parts printed at .025mm layer thickness are coming out larger than parts printed at .050mm thickness. Any ideas?

“longer” is ambiguous. Which axis/axes?

Overall size is bigger.

Are you sure Preform isn’t enlarging the item? I’ve caught it doing that occassionally.

Same part, different layer thickness, different size printed. On a part designed at 4.200 inch long, at high resolution it is coming out .050 inch longer. That’s almost .012 per inch. That’s a pretty big difference.

Think of the object as if it were a cube, with a distinct X, Y, and Z axis. Z is up/down, the direction the build platform moves. Y is left/right, the direction the wiper moves. X is front/back. Which dimensions change?

You are printing the object with a Base+Supports, right? Not printing directly on the build platform with a “FDM” style orientation?

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