Parts printed with Tough 1500 seem big compared to the drawing


We recently finished a project for a client in a tough 1500 resin on Form 3. The parts came out clean, washed for 10+10 mins, kept little under cured (50 min @70deg). But the pieces printed slightly bigger than the drawings. The part is of about 2" x .5" x .25" . Reprinted them in a different orientation and fully cured as we thought it might be the curing issue, but the part was still big for the assembly. ( We Checked the drawings, cad, and the scale ratio in Preform, the part is same)

The same issue came up with one of our Form 3 client, and his part is slightly big as compared to CAD. (0.2mm to 0.4mm )

Any insights will help.


I also see this on some parts in Tough 2000. My guess is that formlabs hasn’t gotten around to optimizing for accuracy yet.


I would flag this to support through an email so they have more logs of this problem.


Ouch. I know there’s a backlog of existing resins to optimize, but I’d have thought the new ones would have arrived already-tuned.


One would think. I could understand if they’ve been focusing really hard on print quality that accuracy might come later…but who knows. All I know is I’ve definitely seen some significant accuracy deviation on Tough 2000 when compared to Black for example.


Thanks, guys.
Yes, we printed the same model in Gray resin and is within tolerances.
I think it has to do with the resin.

I have started a ticket with Support, let’s see. Will keep posted.