Parts don't stick / fall off while using ceramic resin

I have tried to print with my Form 2 using ceramic resin. I have read the ceramic resin guidelines: I mix the ceramic resin before printing and I scratch the build platform using 180 grit sandpaper. The first times it worked well, after that the pieces started to fall off during printing. These last couple of days I tried printing several times and the piece didn’t even stick. I tried changing the layer thickne, cleaning with isopropyl alcohol the building platform after scratching but before printing, look for printed leftovers that could be inside the tank. I even replaced the tank one time. None of that worked apparently.

By the way, when I mix again the ceramic resing in the tank, the elastic layer of the tank moves and starts forming bubbles and gets contaminated sometimes. Perhaps is it related to the piece falling off/not sticking? I would also thank a solution or advise to prevent this.

Thank you in advance.

I dont have much of experiance with ceramic but I do filter the resin in the tank after a failure of a print. Most of the time there are some debris in it. I commonly use the 190 micron paint filter.

Ceramic resin is very difficult to print with. We constantly check the first layers if there is adhesion. I think some have successfully used a method to add a thin layer of normally resin cured to the platform and then ceramic resin.

We usually sand blast the platform but it is a bit of a hit and miss if anything stick.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Do you know exactly where can I get more information about this method? They make a model that covers the whole platform, then makes one single layer and then cure? Do they use Clear V4 resin?

Thank you once again.

Hello there, thanks for the reply. Ceramic resin may be a bit complicated to filter, so I will replace it instead. I will comment in a few days if it worked or not.

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Hello again,

I tried replacing the resin in the tank, but unfortunately it didn’t work. It seems like it could be related to some black powder that is created while I print with ceramic resin and is originated from the metal of the platform. I guess I will open a new topic to see if there’s someone that could indicate if this black powder is the source of the problem. Once again, thank you.

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