Failure with Ceramic resin on Form1+

Hi everyone,

I want to print 3D object with Ceramic resin from FormLabs on Form 1+ and I have better results with black settings.
But, the reproducibility is not good at all. For example for one printing: I printed 4 times the same object (an octahedron with support) and only two of them were successful, the others were detached from the support.
I have already tried to increase the density and the point size of the support. Also, the build platform is sanded with sandpaper P180.

Do you have any recommendations to make me to solve this problem?


I have been having the same trouble. I regenerate the support structures (making sure that the density setting at least 1) and add more points where I feel necessary. That usually works for me. I have experimented with point size and I don’t think that has helped or hindered as pieces fell off at either setting.

Unfortunately, we’ve designed and tested Ceramic only with Form 2 in mind. The heater and wiper in Form 2 make a big difference in lowering the viscosity and keeping Ceramic mixed. I doubt you will get acceptable results with the Form 1. But if you really want to try, making sure your Form 1 is not cold, and trying to mix the resin a bit during a print may help.

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