Form X Ceramic resin

Anyone tested the ceramic resin by form x? It is similar to tethon 3D ceramic resin?

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Yes any update from Formlabs on the progress of the Ceramic resin? I’m excited to try it out :slight_smile:

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I got to visit the Boston offices last week and asked if I could get some. I was told that, while they were using it in house, it was not quite ready for purchase. The person I spoke with did say he thought it would be available in a couple months.

My guess: perhaps they are waiting for the new resin tanks to release. Ceramic is very abrasive and it sounds like the new tanks are more durable.

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Any guesses to the cost/liter?

We’re actively working with Ceramic Resin and iterating on the formulation in house as @eliahrensdorf mentioned, and we should have it available in the next couple of months.

While Ceramic Resin is one of the more abrasive materials, the more challenging problem has been providing a successful firing process with consistent print success and ease of post-processing.


Any update on the ceramic resin Frew?

Does anyone know what kind of ceramic filler Formlabs is using in their ceramic resin?