Formlabs Announces Ceramic Resin

Today Formlabs is excited to offer Ceramic Resin - the first affordable ceramic 3D printing material for the desktop - now shipping in North American and Europe! Parts printed in Ceramic Resin can be fired in a kiln to produce fully ceramic final pieces.

Our friends over at the Nervous System studio in Somerville, MA are already using Ceramic Resin to print a beautiful biology-inspired jewelry line. Check out their work here:

Some of the Forum community has already seen our official announcement, and has already started asking questions! Let us know what you think, and we’re happy to share additional information.

(Note that Ceramic Resin is a Form X product. This material is more difficult to work with than other Formlabs products and requires extra steps and additional experimentation for successful printing.)

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Hi arusso

I would like to know the furance your team is using for firing the finished product of your ceramics resin? I am not able to find a furance with heat over 1300C. Thanks!

Best regards