Part sticking to the tank

I’m trying to print this part which is nearly a 60mm cube in volume and it is sticking to the resin tank. When the Form2 goes to remove the part before doing the next layer it makes a noise like it is struggling and then a loud pop. I stopped the print a couple of hours in. I’ve had this happen before when I had 3 spheres on the the same print and separating them to different print jobs stopped the struggle, but this part doesn’t seem too large compared to what I’ve printed before, what else could it be?

which layer did this happen at?

What does the other side of the object look like? Is it a closed hollow structure?

Its solid just a cylindrical shape with a rounded top, very boring. This was happening from less than an inch into the part build.

If that is solid, and you haven’t hollowed it out, I’m not surprised the printer is having a hard time peeling it off the tank.

Large solids with large cross sections like that create a lot of suction, You should hollow out the object, then put at least one breather hole somewhere at the bottom, then print it again.

You should hollow it out to a 1.5-2mm thick wall. If you designed the part yourself, it shouldn’t take anything to hollow it out. If on the other hand you only have the STL, then I suggest using a program like MeshMixer to hollow it out.

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Wow, that’s a lot of resin, and yes a lot of force.

14.7 psi on a 2.5" diameter circle gives you about 70 pounds of force if pulling straight up out of vacuum.

We need the parts solid. I have printed parts this large before. There are people on the forum who have also printed full build envelope parts so I know its possible. I had the same problem with similar size parts as well on a different Form2 printer and new tank so its not exclusive to the printer. It seems to give me this problem moreso with the Black V3 than the Clear. Even if I print small 1" solid spheres they come out rough on one side like the layers are being separated when it pulls off from the tank.

For example this is a completely solid 375mL resin part which I used to have no problem printing but now anything solid is coming out terrible.

So long as this isn’t hollowed, I wouldn’t expect it to be tricky to print and it sounds like there could be something else going on if you’re noticing that it’s over-adhering to the PDMS. Are you noticing this on all of your prints or just those with a large cross-sectional area? Is Black v3 the only material causing issue or have you noticed this with other resins as well?

It is happening with the Black V3 mostly. I have issues printing anything solid. I have 6 printers and I’ve tried new tanks. I cannot figure out the cause. It is pulling apart each layer as it removes it from the tank and the result is a very deformed part and a resin tank full of bits of cured resin. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t so it is a mystery to me as the cause. I’ve gone through tests prints with support but they look fine because they are small.

I’m reprinting on different printers, same files and Black V3. The reprint made no noise when peeling but the layers are still pulled separate from each other making a rough surface.

I’ve tried printing spheres on 4 out of 6 of my printers in black v3 and they are all coming out with very poor surface quality I’m also seeing cured bits of resin stuck to the build platform where there was no part. A part with thin walls I was able to get to print with perfect surface finish. I’m going to try spheres in clear on the same printers. Besides changing the resin tank and blowing off any dust on the glass below the tank is there anything that needs to be done to keep the smooth surfaces?

Can you upload some pictures of the rough surface finish you’re seeing? That might help to diagnose the cause. Orientation tends to be the most important parameter involved with surface finish though that assumes a clear optical path.

These are printed on different printers with the same orientation with new tanks and Black V3. The largest sphere in the back in the third picture is the smoothest I’ve gotten on these parts about 60mm diameter. There is extra loose cured material under the lip around the edge of all of the bases on the bad parts too.

I hadn’t realized that the delamination was quite that severe, and it looks like there may be an optical issue at fault here. Our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this and one of our members will be in touch over email to help troubleshoot.

It only happens on large parts, so I’ve gone through the optics test with support and nothing was wrong. I’m going to swap all these printers for clear and see if there is an issue with that material. Thin parts come out perfect, I’ve done some in black and flexible on these printers today. This one is the same diameter but much thinner and comes out well.

Even on this part you can see the beginnings of a rough surface. It’s on the edges of the model, and you can see in the supports.

I think that’s just the 0.1mm layer height. Looks like small ridges on each layer around curves.

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