The model sticking to resin tank

Hi Guys,

I am a newbie on form2 and I got a problem with my Form 2.
when i start to print a model, the machine run normally like usual, after running about 1- 2 hours the model sticking to the resin tank suddenly. is it normal or there is a problem with my machine?
if there is a problem, pls help me how to fix it?

You can see the details on the video by clicking the link below :
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Thank You

Can you please share a picture of the part orientation in preform?

It’s a little tricky to determine what’s going on from the video. Seconding @fantasy2’s request for the .form file or part orientation in PreForm. It looks like it might be possible that a portion of the model is unsupported which is causing it to adhere to the tank.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for you guys replying me

here is the pic

and i also attached the .form file
dhm47-2069m-tail_ft-NEST.form (480.9 KB)

please let me know if i didn’t do the proper setting.

Thank you

I’m having trouble downloading that file. Can you send over a link using a file sharing service like dropbox or google drive? I’ll make sure everything is working correctly in terms of file hosting on our end in the mean time.

He (or more likely the forum software) accidentally had a line break in the URL. Here is the correct URL


@kevinduhe, thanks for the correct URL.
@Frew, have you got the .form file from kevin’s URL?

Thank you guys

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I’ve got it. Nice detective work by @kevinduhe ;). If that errors repeats itself, I’ll make sure we look into it.

That model looks to be really well oriented and I’m not seeing any suspect unsupported surfaces. Can you open up a ticket with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further?

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