Part not printed and base stuck on the tank

I have printed two small parts, only one came out; very strange it was the first time.
I thought it might have fell into the tank, when I checked I saw the base of the print stuck there. it printed directly there.
Attached some pictures
Why that?
the tank is maybe too used?

This happens when the BP is dirty/oily thus preventing proper adhesion of the resin (solved by cleaning the BP properly with IPA and not touching it afterwards), or when the BP doesn’t go down far enough during the first few layers (solved by reducing the Z-offset value directly on the printer).

Usually the state of the tank, especially the LT tank, has no impact on this issue unless the tank window is visibly very clouded.

the point is there were two very similar parts: one stack the other one didn’t.

The building plate is always cleaned with IPA; strange that on one section got cleaner than on the other

what can I do now? shall I take the scraper and take it out?


On LTs I would not recommend using the scraper to pry off the resin, as it’s almost guaranteed to make a dent in the film.

You can use the scrapper to try to push the stuck layer of resin toward the edge of the tank, making further removal easier as you won’t mind a little deformation on the non-functional part of the tank… that’s unlikely to work but worth trying.

If the stuck resin won’t budge, I’d wear nitrile gloves and use my fingernails, I find you have a better feel this way and you can pry off the part without pushing too much on the film.

Here’s a great resource for how to clean up after a failed print! If you run into trouble feel free to reach out to our support team and we’d be happy to take a look!

So I can use the scrapper?

Or are the LT tanks different?

In the gif it is shown the scrapping procedure


You can use the scraper, just be even more careful. Don’t try to dig under the part - better to take a bunch of light passes until it finally dislodges instead of one strong pass that gouges the soft tank material. I’ve found that silicone spatulas and scrapers can work well for wiping the LT tank surface and/or getting under stuck resin.

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