Form 1 part sticking to the tank not the buildplate

I have a Form 1 and my parts are sticking to the bottom of the tank instead of the build plate.
The tank is the original one that came with the printer, it properly goes up and down after each layer and the build plate adjusts the z distance (after each layer) as well.

I’ve tried placing the part in different coordinates on the build plate (e.g. left top corner, left bottom corner, right top corner, right bottom corner).

Any advice?

had similar problem 2 times with white resin have no idea what happened… but I saw on orange resin tanks small dot in silicon where sweeper is standing. I guess from sweeper pressure that small gap is made and make that happen. Scrap that, filter resin and print again but look out, you dont want to damage resin tank

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Sounds like the build plate is too high when starting. Empty the vat and put a narrow piece of paper on top of the pdms layer so it sticks out the right side, start a print job so the platform comes down and see if it tightly grips the paper, which it should.

If it doesn’t adjust the Z offset until it does.

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