Resin tank getting stuck to build plate/prints between layers

Especially during the first layers (maybe sub 100) when the Z-Axis raises the build plate the resin tank is stuck to it. It eventually unpeels and slaps back down, but I think it’s causing issues with layers peeling away from each other or supports failing to stay in place.
It happens with full build plates and even when I’m printing just one small part. The raft areas are not big, maybe four centimetres wide at best, but often a lot smaller.

Are you using a Formlabs resin?

If not, my guess is you are dealing with a resin that has different curing parameters than a standard Formlabs one.

If you are using a Formlabs resin, my guess is you either have some cured resin in your resin tray, or perhaps the glass on the LPU is a little dirty.

I typically use Black, but I’ve been testing Model recently and it’s the same situation. So the resins are different, the tanks are of course different too because of the different resins and I have a few build plates that are used in rotation.
I hadn’t considered the LPU. I’m not sure how the LPU under the tank would cause the tank to stick to the build plate, but after this job is finished I will check the glass.

It sounds like you have a problem with the tensioning system. It’s probably best to talk to support.

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