Failed print stuck to the bottom of the tank

I had my first failed print. It fell off the build platform and now I have a piece stuck to the bottom of the tank. The printer did not stop but kept running til the end. Can I get it off without damaging the bottom of the tank? Do I have any options?

If you can, carefully use tweezers to pull it off without poking the silicone. It’s likely OK to use again afterwards, you’ll be able to see if it’s clouded too much

Use the scraper tool at a shallow angle and try to get an edge under the part. It should come up from the tank relatively easily. So long as the scraper is at a relatively shallow angle to the tank, you won’t run the risk of scratching the silicone layer.

Often we see this when the build platform isn’t compressing into the tank enough for the first couple of layers. If you’re noticing this on multiple parts, I’d recommend iterating downwards with your Z axis offset by -0.3mm or so until you’re no longer having adhesion issues. If that doesn’t seem to work, let us know so we can continue to help to troubleshoot!

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