Only able to print fractions of the Eiffel Tower?

Does anyone have any suggestions for why we our Eiffel Tower prints are only coming out in fractions? The first one only printed a half (stopping at the top tier) and then 3/4 (again stopping at the top tier).

holes are formed like that when delamination occurs.
I would suggest Z height offset change. maybe do +.05mm and try again.

I’ve been struggling with this same issue for years now - prints will work fine until about half-way through, and then the resin starts sticking to the PDMS instead of the partial print. I don’t see how a Z height offset change would make any difference; that helps if the print won’t adhere to the build platform because it’s too far away, but once it’s started printing each layer is printed in relation to the previous one; if layer 500 fails to stick to layer 499, how would that initial offset change anything?

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