Eiffel Tower Form File Sharing Sucessful Print

Hi, I downloaded the Eiffel File from Thingiverse but the print failed on my form1+. Is anyone willing to share their Form file of the Eiffel which printed successfully? My email is Anurag@protectron.in

I’ve tried to print that thing a couple dozen times with every resin and tried every resolution setting and it has never printed well for me.
It was a huge waste of time/resin/money!
The railing only prints at all when I tried printing in two parts at max size. But that print job failed also.

Yeah, it’s a tough one. We generally print it in two parts for the reasons you mention, @VinceErb. The finer details, like the railing, aren’t designed well for printing, so often tear. Some two-parts assemblies we’ve used in the past are here and here.

Hi Sam, thanks for the links. What orientation do you print them in? With supports or straight on the base?

You should be able to print it right from the base. Though it’s a tricky part to print. Scaling it down to save resin will end in a failure as the peel forces get too big on the tiny beams of the Eiffel tower. So if you print it, print it at full scale ;).