Eiffel prints keep failing. 0,025 is not working properly

Hey guys.

I´ve tried to print the model of the Eiffel Tower cupple of times, but it kept failing.

Small objects as little actionfigures or the Smithsonian Mammoth worked out very well.

I´ve printet the tower in 0,1, 0,05 and 0,025 in grey AND clear resin in different sizes.

The best results have been on 0,05 Clear resin,

It was strage that the top parts of the tower had such a great surface and the bottom parts looked like there has nerver been any resin.

There are also big problems in printing clear resin on 0,025mm , The “woodrings” are not in place , it looks like they drifted away each layer. (As you can see in the pictures , the Yoda was printed on 0,05 and the other two parts on 0,025)

What could i have possibly done wrong?

Thanks for the help and greetings from Germany.


Pic 1,2,3,4 : Grey on 0,1mm

5, 6,7          :0,5mm clear

8                 :0,025mm clear…

9: the difference between 0,05 and 0,025

I send this text even as a support ticket.


The Eiffel Tower can be a tricky part to print. We generally recommend using the 100 micron layer setting for larger parts. From your photos here, it looks like there could potentially be something wrong with your machine.

If you continue to have trouble. Definitely send us a message to support@formlabs.com and we will take care of you.