Form 1+ .025 Results / Advice?

Is anyone actively printing on .025 with grey or black resin?

Any guidance on when this is necessary or helpful, and what (other than time) might be the trade-offs of doing so?

I have some very thin-wall parts that I am curious to see if they will hold up better on this finer setting.

Thanks - I’ll post pics here to compare visuals on different settings when I have them.


I have tried printing on the 25 micron setting. It’s a waste of time. You will see almost no difference in quality if you print on 50 and it print twice as fast.

Also, I’ve had strange problems with the black resin and the 25 setting, where some areas of the print would overcure and fuse together (like prongs on the ring).

Stick to 50 microns. I think the 25 microns would require a special resin formulated for that thickness that has more pigment to block the light and also cures strong.

I am getting some less than ideal results with grey at 0.25.
But I am going to watch this topic from the sidelines and just ask for help. Being extremely new to this process I am sure there is some user error involved (< with my prints not yours OP)

My printer still can not do Clear at 0.05 but everything else is fine. Including the other two clear settings.

I wanted to chime in this morning. I run a print at 0.05 yesterday and it came out - well, not what I expected. The model was pretty small which is why I thought 0.05 would work, but I think it the case of grey its the other way around?

This morning I processing a print of the same model at 0.1 The model is twice as big but still the same. ( I added some additional support etc) but the surface finish, while you can see the layering is much better. I need to re-run this at 0.05 to have an apples to apples comparison but here is what I am thinking so far: grey resin may not be completely adequate for small prints at 0.05 layering.

Pictures are always great to look at! Echoing what others have said here, you may wish to take a look at our support article about various layer heights — take a look. There may be some useful information for you there: When to use different layer heights