25 micron sticking to pdms

I was hoping I could figure this out before applying for a ticket.
I have great prints from my form2 when I use the 50um layer setting but if I go down to 25um I seem to get part of the models stuck to the Pdms causing a print failure.

Has anybody else experienced this??

You might need to adjust your Z-axis position for the printer, if it’s not sticking to the platform then you should move it down a little. Also, what material are you using? I’ve printed in black and clear at 25 microns just fine.

I’m using the grey resin.
It seems to be sticking to the build platform just fine. But it will get to a certain point in the print and a section of the model stick to the bottom of the Vat.
Even with delicate things like rings it’s sticking.
Perhaps it’s a resin thing?

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