Compare .1 to .05 layer height

Two prints one using,clear layer height 0.05 mm, and the other clear layer height 0.1 mm. Really not much different except the .05 mm took twice as long.

I painted them to add clearity.

What’s the size of these items?

I like the the .05 looks as clean as it does. Are these jewellery items?

It all depends on your application and audience expectations.  My response to this is “OMG!  .05 looks worlds better than .1, and might be clean enough that I don’t have to bother with .025”.

Even if your speed-to-resoluton needs weren’t met by the experiment, I truly thank you for providing such a great side by side example!

I just wanted to chime in and let everyone know we have a detailed writeup on layer height here:


Hi @JoryB, speaking of your writeup, any chance the layer height guidelines might get updated to include results comparing the Form 1+ and the Form 2, differences between resins, etc.? Also, instead of printing the classic rook model, print a small sphere, which will show the stepping effects across the full range of build angles.

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Thanks for the comment! We are working on many updated materials so keep an eye out. You are not the first to request a direct comparison.


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