Novus 1-2-3 help

I must be doing something wrong. I am using the novus in order to clean and remove the sanding and layer lines, but to no effect.
I use 1 hen 3 then 2 as indicated, with a soft cloth and in round movements.
The result is a bit better, but the sanding white spots are not much removed.

Novus is used to clean the Form 1 itself — not the prints. As far as I know, no solution will dissolve the polymer’s surface, but there are a variety of finishing techniques that can help. People have had some luck applying mineral oil or clear spray to hide sanding scuffs.

If you see the people who have worked with the clear resin, they have finished with the novus 3 and 2 for scratch removal and 1 for cleaning… So, it should help to remove the sanding effect.
I agree tha novus 1 is only for cleaning.

See this video for CD repair:

I also saw the mistakes I made … so I need to try again.

I only use the Novus 1 with a wet sanding application usually 500-800 grit or higher sometimes if there are deep grooves I will use a pneumatic tool or Dremmel with the Novus 3 and 2 to keep the material from “burning” but it takes time and patients I usually follow up with a clear coat spray paint to get a wet look so if you sand it and then rinse it in the IPA that would give you a good look at what the part would look like after the clear coat is applied. If you see spots that need sanding while it is wet with the IPA then keep sanding.

Hopefully it helps

Thanks for the responses guys — I stand corrected!

Yes it does!
Thanks a lot!

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