Clear Resin Post Print Turning White

So once I finish my 3d prints, and the IPA rinse, all of my clear prints start turning white almost immediately, how can I prevent this, and keep it clear?

Clear resin will become less clear (frosted whitish look) after the IPA rinse. Follow the tutorial provided by formlabs on how to make your print mostly clear.

baby oil
apply baby oil
you get baby smell
or mineral oil if you dun like baby smell

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Just as @sloh mentioned use mineral (or baby) oil. I will sand a part with say 100, 200, 400, 800 grits. I finish it off by wet (oil) sanding with 1200 grit sand paper. Just pour some mineral (or baby) oil right on the sand paper and then continue sanding. It works wonders.

If you need lens clarity read the article @aad345 linked. otherwise the mineral oil brings it back to its clarity just out of the alcohol bath.

Hey Kevin, do you use Novus Plastic Polish #1 after using 1200 grit sand paper?

Actually I do have some Novus #1 and #2 (came in a package) at the recommendation of FL for cleaning the bottom of the resin trays. I’ve only had to use once but never thought of using on clear prints. Have you used it? Does it work well?

Novus is mention on the article about printing lenses on form 1+ , the link above.

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