Question about Novus cleaner

Hello FormLabs team,
I have a question about the cleaner product you suggest to clean the printer: . Here you advice to don’t use IPA but the Novus product, right?
Well, reading the specs of Novus, I found that: .
Seem the Novus 1 is made with IPA.

Can someone explain me this, please? Many thanks in advance,

I think because it’s not pure IPA and IPA is used just as a solvent within the polish it wouldn’t do the same damage to plastic as soaking the tank in 90/10.

I have a plastic polish distributed by Honda for plastic but will test it later on a half dead tank. I have used it on sunglasses and computer screens and it works really well with no streaks. The polish Honda uses does not contain IPA. Can’t say if it’s a better product or not since I never tried Novus.