Acrylic cleaner alternative

Hi, we recently acquire the form 1+ in the lab and because of our excitment to finaly get a 3D printer, we did not pay attention to the cleaning procedure. and while IPA is relatively easy to come by (especally in a lab) , the novus acrylic cleaner is much more challenging. After relatively quick web search, it appears that it’s not available in france, even more, it seems to impossible to have it shipped from else where, don’t ask me why. So would you know an alternative to novus. or could you tell us what a cleaner must not contain since we did found some acrylic cleaner here but we don"t want to risk our brand new printer.
Thanks in advance



Why don’t you try with ebay ? like this link :

Thanks for the answer.
We’ll try, but as a govertemental laboratory, ordering on ebay can be hard to justify… It’s one of the main reason for me to look for an alternative. also has the Novus polish.

Thanks a lot for your answers, I found it thanks again

Olivier: would you mind sharing where you found it in France?

Hello Olivier, Thomas,

If you order on the shipping cost are ~9€ (total 22€, 14-days delivery).
It looks like they have a french reseller (source