Almost New User questions

My machine is on its way and I need to find the suggested

  1. Novus 1 acrylic cleaner
  2. Optical cleaning solution
  3. Optic-grade (non-liquid) compressed air

What are the best option for these items in europe? Anything else (apart from a UV curing cabinet) i should consider?
I was thinking of a dremel for polishing, but i do not see it mentioned it.


No help here?

Isopropyl Alcohol is a must for cleaning your prints (and the equipment) Pec-Pads for cleaning the mirrors. I use an airbrush and compressor to clean my mirrors but a PEC PAD does a better job. Amazon or Ebay are your best shopping options imo.

thanks for the reply
I am a but puzzled by the novus1, it si not very easy to find and I need to figure out how they call something like this in dutch (or find it in UK)

Novus 1 is just an optics cleaning spray I was able to get mine on Amazon but I know that a lot of people from the UK have had issues finding it you may want to do a search as I thought somewhere someone mentioned finding it or a substitute. I only really use a dremel for cleaning and polishing the clear material to get a nice see though look but it is not required as you can get the same effect by manually sanding the parts with a high grit sand paper. For cleaning with the compressed air I actually use what is called a Giottos Rocket Blaster can also be found on Amazon… I use it because there are zero oils or contaminates in the air that could damage or smug my mirrors which I had a few issues with in the beginning.

Good luck with the you new machine

Coming from FDM and Power-based, some things are similar but most not. Looking forward to receive the machine (with the hope it will work 50% of the time)

Yeah same problem here, I live in Italy ( Francesco, you’re Italian ? ) and I have much trouble finding this spray, anyone can link any alternative product ? Optics cleaning spray is a bit too generic, I’m waiting for my printer and I Want to have all the useful products.
Thanks !

Yes, I am italian.
For the “Optics cleaning spray” I would (and will) use the one I use to clean my camera lenses with special coatings. Easy to find in photographic shops or online. I guess if it is good for expensive coatings, it will be good for the mirrors.
But the Novus1, no clue. Just like for products to make polished clear resin into transparent (or non clear into shiny), I have nu clue

I found the novus here
Shipping is not cheap, but at least I can buy a lot at once.

AFAIK, Novus 1 is just a mild detergent with a bit of isopropanol (IPA) in it. Which is interesting, because IPA is not a good match for acrylic (despite its low content in Novus no.1).

Try using an LCD screen cleaning product, e.g.

They/re typically made with no alcohol or other organic solvents, so they don’t damage the anti-reflective coatings on screens. Should do fine on acrylic. Alternatively, mix up some mild detergent + water yourself and apply / rinse / wipe with a microfiber cloth.