Alternative for Novus 1 in Europe? Please any help welcome

I know Formlabs recommends Novus 1 as their preferred cleaner for plastics, but in Europe this is not available.
Does anyone from Europe have a favorite brand of cleaner that is safe and effective for cleaning the Form printers?

Also, if anyone should have a tip for an alternative to Yellow Magic for cleaning resin, that would be immensely helpful.
No-one is willing to ship Yellow Magic to Europe, and we really need a solution to cleaning out resin tanks that does not harm the Plexiglas.

Any help much appreciated.


Novus plastic polish is available in Europe. Try Amazon.

Yellow Magic on the other hand I’ve not found a source.

If you’re having trouble finding Novus, this is a similar alternative.

It does look like there are a few European shops that carry Novus like iGo3D