Can Novus #1 cleaner be used on the PDMS?

Hello Everyone,

Quick question.  Does anyone know if we can use the Novus #1 cleaner on the PDMS?  I know it works well to clean the acrylic, but for the PDMS, I keep getting water spots on it after it drys when I clean it.  Will Novus #1 to prevent this.  Any suggestions on getting rid of dry spots on the PDMS?




We do not recommend using any liquids to clean the PDMS layer. After pouring resin into the tray, you can gently comb the surface with the included spatula to wipe away any marks or debris.


A pic of your tank would be nice.

On another SLA bot … *not* the Form1 … I used a compressed air tank rig with a good amount of PSI attached … at distance and firm grip … and carefully air dried, after cleaning. I also use compressed air after sanding … again high PSI via a good tank, not can level computer PC stuff.

However, I would follow Formlabs guidance on their bot, and what Jory said. You want to minimize damage to your PDMS layer as much as possible, unless you want to go through the trouble of replacing it yourself, which takes time to apply, and investment to source the material.

Also, it’s probably easier/better/quicker to just get a new tank over a certain amount of time. Treat the tank as a “consumable” for a number of hours of operation (hundreds of hours?), if you want to design & print, rather than spend it repairing.

Just some thoughts from a fellow operator.


I should make it clear, that by “sanding”  I meant air drying sanded PRINTED PARTS off the Form 1 in the post print finishing process. That should be painfully obvious. Treat the tank as the most sensitive and fragile piece of the bot … other than the internal galvo system.