Nothing prints on my form 1

Just got my form 1 of eBay , I’ve tried 6 prints so far and nothing is forming what so evert,printer is working laser is working but no prints very frustrating. What step should u take besides lookin at scratches on resin tank and dust on mirror.

I’m going to move this over to the Support section of the forum.

Have you reached out to our support team yet?
They’ll walk you through diagnostics and help you get printing.

No i haven’t thankyou

What’s the best way to reach out to them

I got it never mind strike the last question. Thank you again.

you send to print anything, but don’t use any resine.

when the build platform downs to the tank resting… pause the machine and check the clearance between the tank an the build platform.

if the clearance is >1mm the machine does not print anything

So if the if clearence is which I have not tried yet , what would the next step be?

So if the clearence is 1 mm Wich I have not tried yet . What would be the next step.
thank you.

if you have clearence between the tank resine with the build platform, the nex step is:

1.- use the fine tuning tool in the preform software and use -1mm lower maximun.

if this does not work you will have to manually adjust.

I use this kavin’s holmes video

I would warn against trying the self calibration in the above video. Tampering with calibration will void your warranty and can seriously mess up a factory tuned machine.

As a first step, I would try dropping the build platform by 1mm as Miguel suggested. This can be done with our “Fine Tuning Tool” and we have a walkthrough here:

If there is still nothing adhering to the platform, I would send a ticket to so we can get you back up and printing.

Thank you for the support I finally figured out why my printer wasn’t printing .
I purchased my form 1 of eBay, the previous owner didn’t not remove the protective cover from the back side of resin tank . It drove me crazy but I figured it out .
now would damage any thing to the form 1 that way .
because I tried the first print with the butterfly Clip and was at 70 percent success .