No base label raft issue

I recently did a print (Rigid) in which I turned off the base label. While the Preform rendering shows a bevel around the perimeter of the raft, the actual print did not have any bevel. This makes the raft virtually impossible to remove from the build platform. A mistake that I won’t make again. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Do you have a photo of the printed part? The print should come out like it looks in PreForm, so the fact that you disabled the raft label may be a red herring.

I didn’t disable the raft, only the base label. The parts came out fine, but the raft is firmly attached to the build platform with no bevel. I’m wondering if heat will help soften the raft so that it can be more easily removed.

Yes, heat from a hot air gun has helped me tremendously for stuck rafts. But as for the “no bevel”, did you try going under the raft with a flat tool, such as the supplied spatula?

Yes. I have more than 40 successful prints in the last month or so and I know how to use the tools provided and even some that weren’t provided. I suspect that waiting a few days to remove the raft is part of the problem. Moderate heat is next. I think that I will try a hair dryer first. I will move up to the heat gun if I have to.

I also had rigid rafts stuck to the build plate. For me, “moderate” heat wasn’t enough, I had to heat the build plate up quite much. A hair dryer may work, but a heat gun will be faster.

You are correct a hair dryer wasn’t sufficient. A sharpened scraper after heating the resin with a butane torch was required. NOTE: Rigid resin will burn (not bad) so exercise appropriate cautions! I may go back to a raft, at least it comes off in one piece and the beveled edge helps. I’m torn though, at $237/L with tax and shipping, those rafts aren’t cheap! I’ve ordered some new sharpened scrapers that I think will help.

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