High Temperature resin Sticks too hard to the build

The raft , in the case of high temperature resin, sticks too hard to the build plate and breaks when we remove part from build plate. Grey resin or tough resin do not pose this problem

In some cases this is not a problem . We have an application where , if the raft breaks during removal from the print plate, the part gets warped during curing. Parts in which the raft is not broken, the warpage problem does not happen during curing. But in 80% of the parts the raft breaks. We tried increasing the raft thickness to 3 mm . We tried polishing the build plate with 400 emery . None of this seems to help.

Gradually took the Z axis tuning to upto +0.7 mm ( away from the tank) in multiple trials. Do not help. Desperately looking for suggestions/recommendations

I also tried the other suggestions, like pouring ipa at the base with squeezee botlle . Tried using thinner , sharper wedges dipped in ipa. These also did not solve the problem.

i would not use 400 wt emery- try it with 150- no finer than 200.
wash it clean afterwards.

Have you tried the refrigeration trick some folks advocate?

Thank you. Will try that.

We have had issues with Rigid resin sticking to the build plate and being virtually impossible to remove.

One thing that had good success was:

  1. Clean your build plate
  2. Just before starting your print, wipe the build plate with Durable (standard Clear also works)
  3. Put the build plate on the printer and start the print

This has made parts pretty easy to pop off the build plate.

Make sure your build plate is not too smooth (hit it with 150-200 grit sandpaper) or you may have issues with parts peeling off during printing.

@Sculptingman and @themedualla . Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and experiences. Will try and let you know the results.

@themedulla. pardon the typo i earlier message

Worked like a charm Sanded the build plate in circular motions with 150 grit, and applied a very thin coat of clear resin. Ran a test print . The parts propped out quite easily.

Thank you very much. @themedulla and @Sculptingman

Now I am going to run multiple prints. These are small parts , in multiple numbers , occupying almost the full build plate. Have to run quite a few batches.

My next worry is " Will the clear resin contaminate the High temperature resin. Assuming that the thickness of clear resin, i coat on the build plate is 0.1 mm ( hopefully it should be less) and each print is 24 CC ( in this particlular batch of parts I am going to run) the maximum contamination it will reach after several runs will be about 8%. , Do not know if this is going to become a cause for concern.

Another option is, put the build platform into the freezer for 15min at minus 20°C. Due to different coefficient of expansion the parts should be much easiert to remove.

If you let the parts to long in the freezer, they become hard and harder to remove, since they wont bend, then wait some minutes and try again.

Also make sure if not already done, that you have the latest firmware.

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