Rigid 4K stuck to build plate

Anyone had experience with Rigid 4 K ‘BADLY’ sticking to build plate. Took me about an hour to chisel off, literally tiny chips at a time. The footprint was only small!

Hi @Hixy,

You may find the tips listed in the “Other methods” section of Removing parts from the build platform helpful for parts that are more stubbornly attached to the build platform.

How smooth is your build plate? I’ve found that rough surfaces are more of a nightmare than smooth ones.
I used to use a scraper all the time until recently, then started to use the part removal tool with the enclosed handle. It enables me to locate the indents intended to help with removal on the base of the raft. I’ve found rafts easier to remove than when supports are built directly onto the build plate. Hope that helps.

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Since I got my 3D printer back from repair, I’ve the exact same problems with Clear Resin V4 and Tough 2000. The support structure won’t remove cleanly and breaks into small pieces when detached. Previously, it was enough to press lightly on the side, as described in the link above.

Hi @tschermi19,

If parts are still difficult to remove after following the tips in the linked guide, I would get in touch with our Support Team for more specific advice. Especially when using Full Rafts, the raft should generally be able to detach from the build platform in one piece without breaking.

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