Removing Rigid 10K Parts

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I’m working with Rigid 10K on a 3L and having issues removing the 10K prints from the print bed. They have adhered phenomenally well to the plate and just want stick. The raft is just shattering into small pieces. Any advice for techniques/chemicals to remove the parts or just give it some more elbow grease?


maybe you could try adjusting your z-height from the printer’s menu to a higher value? (it’s on 3, i guess it should be on 3L too)

Thanks for the suggestion! Would this parameter need to be adjusted a little over time? A couple of weeks ago we were printing in Draft V2 and the raft removal was super easy.

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Check here for instructions

You can go one step at a time so as not to go on the opposite side of prints falling off.

Hi @rauschjohn16,

Thanks for reaching out! In addition to the Z-axis adjustment that @agiorgitis mentioned, please also refer to the “Other methods” section of Removing parts from the build platform. This covers some additional techniques to get parts detached from the platform.

So after reading this thread and “Removing parts from the build platform section” and trying everything but the z-axis since I can’t get the original rafts off, what does a guy do this stuff is worse than cement. Even hitting it head-on with a hammer won’t release them. Any ideas? It’s a brand new build plate on its first print so I know there are no scratches biting in.

Hi @brkncreative,

I’m sorry to hear the methods above did not help. Placing the build platform in a non-food freezer should help with removing the remaining parts from the build platform. Cooling the build platform and parts will help a bit when trying to separate them.

No need for a non-food freezer. You just put the platform inside a hermetically sealed plastic bag and then in your home’s fridge.

I clean the bed with acetone solvant before printing every 5 prints and use a dedicated bed for 10K

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