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Form 3L problems

With black, clear, grey, Tough 2000 resin, most of the time, I have problems to remove the parts from the Build Plate. At least, the parts are well printed… Never seen problems like this with the Form 2.
Any Idea? Because I don’t have solution and I’m tired of this.

Some things I learned:

  • The faster rafts or parts printed directly on the surface are removed the better. I had perfect results waiting 5 minutes for the first drips of resin to fall off and then removing the rafts / parts than waiting for it to fully drip or leaving it overnight. For example, if I remove long and thin parts that were printed directly on the build platform right after printing, they come out easily and perfect. If I wait an hour or more they’ll break.
  • For harder to remove rafts the best is to first do a small cut in a corner of the raft with the angled pliers (the supplied ones) so that it lifts a bit and then remove it with the scrapper.

This works but I don’t have the scientific explanation as to why it does.
Hope that helps.

I never have issues removing parts, whether it’s soon after a print, or if it’s been in the printer for a couple of days.

I always use the new long, flat spring steel spatula though. That thing will solve all your problems, I’ve thrown all the other tools in the garbage.

Sometimes I will snip with side cutters to pop up a corner and then get in there with the tool.

Thank you for your suggestions. I will check if removing the parts faster will help, like it does for you.

In Preform, by default, Raft Thickness is set to a value of 0.75 mm. Is this ok or better 2mm like it was in Form 2?

In the past, this is what you mentionned. Thank you for your reply.
But I’ve tried all the technics possible.
If you have no problem at all, this means that my printer is not well calibrated or something else…
I can tell you that it’s a pain. I have contacted FL support by mail, again about this. I hope they will find a solution for my problem soon. This is like this since I got my printer.

Sorry to hear that.

Maybe try asking for a new build plate and see how that goes.

I always clean the build plate with IPA after every print. In the past, I used to have to sand the Form 3 build plates down to remove microscopic bits of resin left over that would make each print harder and harder to remove.

I found that if you clean the plate very well after each print, and use the new tools and/or snipping trick, that this isn’t an issue anymore. It also seemed to be worse for specific resins (back then it was Tough V5).

So if you haven’t already, I’d recommend sanding the plate down with 400 grit sand paper, cleaning it very well, and then trying again.

Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:
FL never wanted to give me an extra new Build plate.
I clean the Build Plate each time with IPA after every print as well.
I will check for your sanding suggestion. But this is not a sticking issue. It’s sticking to well! : :disappointed_relieved:

Ok Leonhart88, I see your point of sanding.

Maybe a V1 tank problem.

I’ve experienced times when sanding would actually help with part removal, not the other way around, so it’s worth a try.

I just sanded my Build Plate like you suggest. I have cleaned it 4 times with IPA 99%.
I put a brand new V2 Tank with Tough 2000 resin in it.
I have a job to print.
After, I will print an other job with Clear resin .
And I will let you guys know how it comes out.

I have to disagree with the clean it with IPA for every print.
I’ve been using the 3L for the past months only with Rigid 4000 and I never clean the platform. Unless there’s something that is left stuck in the platform (which I always visually check and scrape out if it happens) it’s a waste of resin to clean it and honestly I never had issue with adhesion of the parts. They always adhere enough not to fall out and enough to pop out when removing them.

This is actually something FL suggested me especially due to the resin waste. Obviously if I need to print with a different resin I have to clean it. I also throughly cleaned the plate every time since that was an habit I had with the Form 3 but the larger build plate did made more sense to reuse the resin so now I do the same on the Form 3.

That’s my personal take on that specific behavior, each one of us usually has different success rates with different methods so whatever works for us, I guess.

Very good! Absolutely. The best idea. When the parts remove easily, with no residue and you don’t have to change resin. If it’s possible for me of course. But for me, 75% of the time it’s like the pictures showned…
I open a ticket with FL.

Yeah, I’m kind of in the habit of always cleaning because I’m often changing between resins. I haven’t seen any evidence on my end that this affects adhesion & removal, but just thought I would suggest it because I know most people probably don’t clean as thoroughly as I do, and I know I have zero issues with part removal so I thought it was worth a shot.

Sanding the build plate occasionally to prevent stuck parts, however, was definitely something I had experienced in the past on my Form 2 & 3.

So, like I said earlier, I put a brand new V2 Tank with Tough 2000 resin in my Form 3L. Lol. Still 18000 days… Again…When I inserted it for the first time. This morning, it’s written 3% on the touchscreen.
I’ve gently sanded the build plate like suggested. I’ve removed the parts less than half an hour. It worked well. But, I will try again to see if it will be constant. After, I will print with Clear resin and a V1 Tank.

Oh, I’m glad it seemed to help! I would actually suggest aggressively sanding to make sure you got rid of all those deep scratches, and then sand with maybe a higher grit to smooth it out more. Hope this ends up working for you!

Hello all Form 3L guys. Just an update here. FL kindly offered me a new build platform, after all the problems encountered during this year. I have to say that it resolved completely the problem of parts stuck on the build platform. When I look the both surface finish, I clearly saw a difference. So, after 4 successfull prints, I remove all the parts so easily. No more “glass like” resin parts, for now. Strange, but I am really happy now.
This was all about the surface finish updated by FL. You can see a “Milled” versus a “Sandblasted” surface on the pictures.
After all firmware updates, I have to say know that it’s fun and reliable to print with the Form 3L. The Preform’s estimated times are really exact now. Congratulations FL!

That’s great! This supports my sanding suggestion :grin:

Nice! I’m glad FL took care of you.

On both my 3L and 3 I sometimes have obstinate platforms, and I know all the tricks. At best, they take time.

I’ve been using a new solution; this gadget which holds a razor blade. The amount of force it gives on a small area is much greater than the spatulas provided.

It doesn’t show the manufacturer, and I forget.

A little force on the handle,
and the resin pops right off every time.

Thank you very much! Yes, this seems to be a great idea. Thank you for sharing.
Since a while, I have no more problem, for now, with the new build platform.
Hope it will last!