Grey Pro suddenly very difficult to remove from build plate (PreForm 3.23.0 issue?)

Dear all,

Is anyone else noticing that on the Form 3/3B, when printing with Grey Pro with the default supports (which include the full raft), the objects are very difficult to remove from the build platform?

I did not have this issue in the past. Previously, I could use the removal tool (the left most, black tool in this picture: Form 3 Finish Kit ), and it would cause my small to medium sized objects to simply pop off.

Now, using that removal tool instead causes the raft to break in the area I’m prying upwards…leaving the rest of the model still on the build plate and the raft broken…and now, I have to use the scraper to really jam in and dig under the part, and this results in a sudden burst of force the moment my scraper fits under the part, forcing the part violently off the build plate and lunging forward, sometimes falling to the ground…

This is frustrating, and I’m wondering if it’s related to an updated setting on Grey Pro?

Form 3B firmware version 1.17.0 .

I’ll try legacy settings and see if I have the same issue…

I’m also experiencing that problem. It was nearly impossible to remove my prints from the print bed. I literally had to chisel them off. Were you able to find a solution to the problem?

Hmm so I’m not sure if something changed in my setup which is causing increased adhesion, if software settings changed, or if it was always like this and I’m only noticing now because I’ve been printing larger parts whereas I used to primarily print smaller ones.

However, I haven’t solved this, but instead adjusted the way I pry things off the build platform now:
Instead of using the prying/removal tool, I exclusively use the spatula. I grab the spatula with my hand by holding the metal spatula itself (not the black plastic handle), and I dig a corner of the spatula at an angle underneath the raft, the. I try to pry/twist the spatula so that, for a brief moment, a tiny sliver of the raft lifts up. I quickly move the spatula under that sliver before it falls back down, and then slowly push the spatula forward under the entire raft so it lifts off.
It works reasonably well, though it seems that perhaps due to this and one of my FDM 3D printers have overly tight adhesion lately, I’ve been doing so much prying that I think I got a repetitive strain injury on my thumb lol…

When the build platform v2 doesn’t have such a long lead time, I’d love to give that a shot. I saw a video of it on YouTube by Tested and it seems pretty nice.

While it’s possible that the newer preform settings are causing this stronger-than-before adhesion, it’s also possible that I’ve used my build platform so much that the minor scrapes etc are causing the surface to have minor indentations which allow for increased adhesion.

Or, I’m simply printing things that have a larger surface area. However, I’ve been printing small things too and don’t feel like it’s as easy as it used to be, but haven’t taken the time to properly check to be sure.

@FormFabricator9000 and @QVadan can you tell us which version of PreForm you are using?

Sorry, I see its in the title, 3.23.0. NM.

Hey guys, same issue here. No chance to get it off. Using the latest SW/FW updates. Everything works fine with others e.g. Ridgid10k or Clear

Hi @FormFabricator9000,

Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to make sure that you have reached out to our Support Team by creating a ticket so that we can better assist you!