Biomed Clear resin stuck to build plate

Brand new cartridge, brand new tank, brand new build plate. Form 3B.

Very first print with these components, I could not for the life of me get the parts/rafts off the build plate. I was able to twist off the parts, but the build plate has these parts welded on. I’ve spent two hours scraping, freezing, and soaking in IPA trying to get these parts off to no avail. Is this common with this resin? With labor costs, after about two hours worth of effort it would actually be cheaper to throw the build plate away after every print than to try to clean it. I’d obviously rather not, but time is money.

Perhaps a defect in the build plate? Fresh out of the box the rubber seal on the extruded aluminum plate had popped off and I had to put it on. Seems unrelated, but figured it was worth mentioning.

Also, I’ve had no issues with my previous build plate. Parts pop off with ease, but I don’t want to contaminate the bio resin with a build plate that has been used on non bio material.


It happens some times. I think because of “Z height” variations in the build plates. Your new plate is a bit taller than the last, and it’s overcompressing the base layers making them stick to the build plate harder.

I use one of these to remove recalcitrant print bases from the build plate. It’s extremely effective but also very dangerous unless you are exceedingly careful about where you put your body parts relative to the blade. But you can work the blade under the edge of a base and then twist to open up a gap and work the blade in further, lathering, rinsing, repeating until the part pops free.

Alternately, if you don’t need to preserve the base during removal, I have a 2" wide wood chisel that I also use. One side of the chisel is perfectly flat. I slide that side along the surface of the build plate until the edge of the chisel is contacting the print and then I tap the chisel lightly with a small jewelry hammer, and slowly chip away at the remnants until there’s nothing left… not as effective in getting everything off in one piece, but significantly less potentially-human-hand slicey than the insulation knife. :slight_smile: