Cured resin stuck to build platform (like STUCK)

Good morning folks… So this is the first time ive used my printer in a while, and i have resin cured to the build platform that wont come off.
Im talking WONT come off. I used hammers with razer blades, chisels, etc… its ON. I cant get an angle to chip away anymore…
I had the z offset to -.5mm and its been working that way for months (when i last printed). not sure why this decided to stick that hard… its the v3 grey.
Any tips for getting it off? I raised it back to -.2 for future attempts, but im kinda at a loss here… id rather not dremel it haha.

Try freezing it if you have access to a non-food safe freezer.

You’ll need to replace it. Should always clean the build plate after removing a project. I wipe it down with IPA real good then put it back in the printer. Never had issues and they last a long time that way.

so I froze it with canned air, chipped away as much as I could, and wet sanded the rest off… its mostly clean now… I sanded the rest of the platform, and now im going to run a test at -.2mm down from -.5mm on the z axis offset.
I wish the build platform, or something had pressure sensors to tell when it was pushed in to the silicone enough, so we didnt have to trial and error this thing.

Try some heat. A hair dryer will do just fine. It worked very well for me with Tough V3.

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