Scrape off Cured resin on Build Plate

Hey I have a few build plates with a thin layer of resin that has hardened on. Is there a good way of removing that cured resin? I tried putting them in the freezer and scraping off the resin with a razor but its still pretty caked on. Any help would be great, thanks!

Hey @ottocentric,

Sorry for the delay on the reply here, it looks like I missed this one! Unfortunately, once the resin is cured it is essentially a plastic (or more intense material depending on the type of resin) so trying to chip away is probably your best bet. Otherwise, you can reach out to our Support Team to see if they have any alternatives or some additional help that they can provide.

As a best practice, if you are not going to put the Build Platform directly back into the printer after a print, then you should wipe the surface clean with IPA and a paper towel to minimize chances of any resin solidifying.

A costy but good solution would be to get a Platform 2 which is flexible and you wont encounter such issue again, because the cured resin will break off upon bending the platform.
Not sure whether it’s on sale yet. @Corey_M

@agiorgitis they are available for order but they are currently backordered by a bit; this will definitely be a good solution but I can’t guarantee it will be foolproof depending on which type of resin and how much has cured to the platform (in one huge sheet, for example). I might test this out once I get my hands on one.

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Yeah these were a couple extra build plates that I got from a facebook marketplace deal. I was shocked at how well that resin had adhered to the plate. Thanks for the response!

Happy to help, @ottocentric!

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