Models stuck to building platform

I have a Form2.

After printing the models get stuck on the building platform. I have to cut the support (easier) but then I have the thick base layer which is pretty annoying to remove.

Is this normal? do I have to replace it?

It happend with the Rigid and now with the High Temp


What do you mean by stuck? Sometimes they are lazered on quite tightly to the base plate and need to be muscled off. I’ve rocketed a few prints into my wash bin a few times from stubborn prints.

Though I primarily work with dental LT, SG, Model resin and grey resin so we can have different experiences

I mean so stuck that I can’t easily remove it. I had to cut the supports for the cleaning and then with lots of patience remove the resin from the platform.

When going with the scrapper below the resin breaks. Let’s say it is easier to break the resin (small pieces) than separating it from the platform.

And also not so easy to break it. I had to use a knife and a hammer

I’m away this week; I can’t send a picture. I’ll do as soon as I can


Had the same problem, especially with “reclaimed” build plates (top layer milled off). A hot air gun helps a lot for removing the stuck model base plate from the build plate.

As for avoiding the problem, sometimes increasing the z Offset worked for me, also trying to get the “reclaimed” build plates as close to the original sand-blasted surface as possible.

I have had the same problem removing printed pieces straight from the build plate. Once it has stopped printing and dripping I would take the plate with the printed piece and place in a plastic bag. Then I would place it in the freezer for 5 minutes and gently pull off!

Mine shows a tendency for the parts of any particular resin to stick more strongly with each successive print.

I think its because tiny traces of resin get into mircroscratches in the build platform surface and do not get removed- creating an ever improving bond with new printed resin.

Someone on this forum suggested cleaning the build plate after each print- and then lightly sanding the surface of the plate, and cleaning again with clean IPA.-

That seems to work well for me… tho I do not do it each time I print. I run the platform may 3 or 4 times… and when the prints start to stick, I give it a light sanding with a palm sander.

seems to keep the issue well in hand.