HELP! Prints sticking to build platform

For the past month, it has been extremely difficult to remove parts from the build platform after printing. I am printing using standard base thickness. This has happened with High Temp v1, Grey v2, Clear v2, Tough v3. Two events happened near the beginning of this problem: I started printing with the Tough resin, and I updated the firmware / software to the latest.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Raised Z axis 0.2mm. No improvement.
  • Noticed base printing 2.6mm, not 2.0mm thick in the center, so lowered Z axis by 0.2 and 0.5mm. No improvement.
  • Stopped using Tough resin, cleaned platform very thoroughly with multiple rounds of IPA, and printed in a very clean area of the platform. No improvement after several prints / cleaning cycles.
  • Increased base thickness by 0.5mm in PreForm so it wouldn’t break apart so easily. Slight improvement, but still cannot remove large chunks from platform.

If this is caused by the tough resin, it’s strange that cleaning / scrubbing with IPA doesn’t help. I saw another post from December '16 where the person thought it was the latest firmware/software, but it was closed without any posted resolution.

Also, to clarify what happens when I try to remove the parts: the part base is stuck so firmly to the platform that the base cracks as I try to pry it off, even when trying to pry gradually. I’m usually left with a cracked base stuck to the platform, which takes a long time and lots of effort to remove.

The function of the base is to compensate for differences in compression across the PDMS so it’s not uncommon to see the center portion of your base a little more thick than surrounding regions. Over-adherence to the build platform is usually from the Z height being a bit too low or from over-exposure.

You might try iterating and raising the Z-height a bit more. If that doesn’t correct it, you should get in touch with our support team so we can help to troubleshoot. Generally, over-exposure will have other symptoms like very brittle prints.

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