Parts sticking to build platform

After the 2.11.0 Preform update I’ve been having issues trying to remove my parts/supports from the build platform. The printer is not working as well at it previously was. I previously attempted a simple print (using Black v2 and “one click print” settings) and the supports are still stuck to the build platform despite numerous attempts to remove them which resulted in the brand new build platform getting ruined after one print. More recently I attempted another print which was also unsuccessful, formlabs instructed me to tune the z axis 0.1mm higher to try to tackle the sticking, which ultimately failed again as no part was printed even though it carried out a 16 hour print. It is costing my company time and money, so i would appreciate any support that I can get.

We do usually see over-compression into the tank as the main cause of parts over-adhering to the platform. When you iterated upwards with Z fine tuning, did you notice that your parts no longer stuck to the platform and were cured to the bottom of the tank instead?

If you need to get things printed while we sort this out, some users (@DavidRosenfeld) have had success with heating the platform a bit with a hair dryer prior to removing support bases.

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Been a problem that has constantly plagued me, first with Tough and now with Durable. I’ve raised the Z axis some and it helped, but the problem hasn’t gone away. I didn’t want to raise the Z offset too much, thinking it was better the prints stuck too good than not as well as necessary. I bought a thing called an “Insulation Knife”, which is a long, thin, hardened blade used to cut fiberglass insulation batting. The blade is sharp/thin enough it gets under any print and has worked great to remove even the most stubbornly stuck base, where the FL tool only managed to break the lip of the base.


There was no part in the bottom of the tank, I cant see any printed resin even though the print run the full print time and said complete when it finished. It shouldn’t get to the point where i have to use a hair dryer to access my printed parts, but thanks for the suggestion, it might have to come to that.

We certainly don’t want a hair dryer to become a required part of your workflow either and it might just serve as a way of decreasing part-adherence until our support team is able to help to identify the root cause.

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