Parts sticking too much on the build platform

this doesn’t look like an issue that happens a lot to others so here goes. My parts stick too much on the build platform. It started really nicely with first 15 or so prints, then I changed from grey to black resin and 2nd or 3rd print (and all later prints) all of a sudden really got stuck to the adhesion surface. So stuck that when I am getting it off the build platform the base of the print brakes in lot of places before I got it off.
Until now I tried:
-scraping the surface for all residue resin,
-washed it with IPA thoroughly,
-adjusted the base thickness to minimum of 1mm,
-adjusted the base height up to 0.6mm up (maximum before parts start to fail due to not sticking, when on 0.5 it still sticks really hard)

Adhesion surface is now really scarred and I am considering sanding it but am looking for some advice in the meanwhile. Any suggestions?

Forget the tools delivered by Formlabs. Take a razor-blade (or another thin, sharp blade) hold it at an angle that let’s the edge touch the build platform and push it under the sticking item.
Give it some time to remove itself from the platform.

Pouring some IPA on the platform can make the process easier as well because due to the lower viscosity the adhesion is easier to overcome.

When using a razor blade or scraper, pay very close attention to where you hands are. I have personally cut the holy hell out of my hand with a scraper trying to get something off a build platform.

Now i stand the build platform on its side and push down against the table. If I slip the table gets stabbed, but I don’t.



Thanks guys,
will try it on a new print. Didn’t think of pouring some IPA on it, thanks!
Michael, thanks for the advice, I cut my self on very first print and from then on I am much more careful. And yes I also put it on a side and push down, sometimes with extra force or even stroking it like with an axe. Will try to adjust the height even further.

I lightly sand between prints, using 180 grit wet sandpaper. Then clean with IPA, making sure the grit is all cleaned off.

The scraper blade has way too much surface area.

I use a screwdriver blade under the tabs, rotating it to free the base, working around the perimeter,

The print pops right off!

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I’d be worried about using a screwdriver tip to pry it off like that just because the corners of the screwdriver would gouge the build platform but if you’re sanding between prints anyway I suppose that isn’t an issue. Still would make me worried though.

Maybe one of those plastic tip screwdrivers for electricians would be good for that…

I have a scraper, similar to the one that Form supply, but I sharpened it on one side only, like a wood chisel. I put the sharpened face against the platform and get the edge under the part, then tip the scraper back so it pivots off its back edge, lifting the sharp edge. This has huge leverage, and gets everything off with very little effort.

The sanding moderates the adhesion.

The print isn’t so sticky that the edge of the screwdriver blade digs into the aluminum. The prints pops off way before that would happen.

That makes sense. I usually just cup the build platform in my left hand and pry/ scrape it off with my other hand and so far I’ve only had 1 or 2 prints go flying haha. Luckily the parts are strong enough to tumble on the table where I’m working :smile:

I guess I was just worried about the precision of the build platform. I didn’t know how level it really was so I thought sanding and scraping at it like that could negatively affect the build quality if the platform was uneven. Sounds like its not nearly that precise however.

I used to have a similar issue. I found out that this is due over compression. I used the fine tuning tool found under the help drop down menu and raised my build platform .2mm. Each build platform and resin trey can have a unique relationship with each other. Using the fine tuning tool you can find the sweet spot where you still get good adherence but it is not a struggle to get the parts off the platform.
Hope this helps!!


I think @Miroslav_Brozovic already tried that:

Anyway, one thing to try is - heat. Try rinsing the platform with some hot water, then cold, then warm again. Alternatively, keep the platform cold and try heating up just the spatula. It sometimes works for me - it won’t make it totally effortless, but it might help with some stubbornly stuck prints.

Thanks for all for your replies!
Yes as I mentioned I tried tuning the platform up but seems there is a fine limit to what works and what not. I got a nice one the other day on 0.7mm up (after couple of really stuck ones on .4 and .6) but this was the model with really big surface covering the build platform. The smaller model on the same setting peels off. So I guess I will get to know what my build platform likes and what not. :smile:
Anyway I got some nice advices to try next time it sticks, will try sanding it and scraping the model off with a sharper tool.
Thanks again!

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+1. I’ve also found this helps. Buy a little squeeze bottle to apply a little IPA in the post process. Look for the ridges in the support material attached to the build plate to put some in there while you work the piece with your preferred flat, removal tool (e.g. razor blade, putty knife).

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Just a thought off the top of my head. Would it perhaps be more effective to dip the spatula (or preferred flat removal tool) in the ipa in the rinse box. It should be enough to slide under the base with ease. I’ve never actually tried it, but I thought it might be easier than to try and squirt the ipa in the right places :blush:

I do exactly that (i.e. dipping the spatula). The squirt is just for the initial covering of the base.

Sometimes if the print is being stubborn, I just use my cutters and remove the print while it’s still on the base … then later I just take a heavy spatula and go at the remaining material still attached to the build plate. Don’t have to be very careful then. :smile:

You can get into some difficulty if you are doing multiple parts and don’t spread them out across the platform. I’ve accidentally done that a couple times.

Have you tried Cura? The brim has tabs that make lifting a part a breeze.

I have written this info in similar threads, but here it is again and in more detail.

This WILL solve your problem and your prints will come off the build platform with ease !

After EACH print, clean the aluminum surface with IPA. Take a piece of 220 grit sandpaper and sand the aluminum moving the paper in small circles.

You will see a gray/black, sticky film appear on the aluminum. You can stop occasionally and wipe this off with a paper towel sprayed with IPA.

Keep folding your sandpaper to expose a clean part, the paper will get “loaded” with aluminum dust and will not sand effectively when loaded.

Continue sanding in the above manor until no gray/black (somewhat sticky) film appears.

Clean again with the IPA paper towel, let dry and sand again until all you see coming off the plate is dust.

At this point you can do a final IPA cleaning. Clean until the paper towel comes away w/o a dark grey color.

You are ready for your next print and it will come off the platform very easily !

Keep the sanding circles small (about 3/4" -19mm) in dia. Don’t know if that is critical but that is my routine. Straight line sand and your print will not stick to the build platform (I made that mistake).

IMPORTANT…sand after every print !

Trust me…it works. I have been doing it for multiple prints and it has not failed me yet.


I now use a 3M coarse green scrubby, in small circular motions, and clean with a paper towel and IPA until no grey shows up.

Then, to lift the prints, instead of a spatula, a medium blade screwdriver, inserted under one of the lips. Twist. POP!

But I also found a too sticky base is an early indicator that the mirrors need cleaning. Could be the large mirror, the galvos, or the small mirror under the galvos.

For me, a mirror cleaning changed the results from practically impossible to remove without a hammer and chisel, and then failed prints welded to the platform, to perfect prints that POP right off.!

Only change was cleaning the small interior mirror. So, to me it looks like too sticky prints are a warning sign that needs attention.

Thanks guys, lately I tried most of the advices here with good results. It still gets stuck a bit but sanding after printing and using a sharper tool really does the trick. Also adjusting the height in fine tuning is critical.
Will clean the mirrors again, last time I did it 5-6 months ago and am trying to avoid it not to get some grease on it. I read a lot of tips on cleaning them but am reluctant to use pressured air cans since they can do some damage if not really clean from moisture and other elements.