Print Cemented to Build Platform! D:


I had to print a fairly large model (by fairly large, I mean it took up space edge to edge of the build platform) and it refuses to move. I couldn’t put it on supports because if I did the whole thing wouldn’t have fit, and I didn’t want to have to print it in two parts and cure them together afterwards… Now I’m thinking I should have just done that!

I’ve tried all the tools that came with the Form 2 kit, a razor blade, screwdrivers, and soaking the model and build plate in IPA. None of that helped. What sucks is that this is an important piece and I realllllly need it off of the build plate ASAP.

What should I do?

EDIT: The model is off! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Some other suggestions people have tried are slight variations on freezing it. i.e. turning a can of compressed air upside down and spraying the edges of the print, or even putting the entire build platform in the freezer for 30 mins or so. The ever so slight shrinkage it creates is enough to pop the item off the platform.

Edit: in addition to that, I have resorted to cutting the supports from the base a few different times to get it off and then removing the base later.

Ok! I’ll give the freezer a try then

I don’t know if this will work in your case (depending on how critical the base is). But I have had prints that where cemented to the base and the only thing that worked is a hammer and a good 1" chisel. I know it sound pretty drastic but it worked with out damaging the print. But I had supports on mine.

HAMMERTIME! :smiley: I hope that wont happen to me :smiley:

Moving my “Z” axis up by .3mm cured the problem.

The upside down can of air works great! I use it anytime a print is hard to remove. Helps prevent damage to build plate.
Just turn a can of air upside down, aim at the edges of the print. Keep fingers clear of freezing air. Also wipe off the build plate off excess resin or go outside to prevent painting your walls with resin.